Kudos to Raquel Marie who posted the link to suicide prevention. This is a tragic event which has affected our family deeply and left a hole in our hearts. Breanna was much loved by many people. She did not get the help that she needed in this life because she simply refused to seek it from the appropriate sources. You can overcome, survive and thrive no matter what your genetics or whatever life in general throws at you. Happiness is a choice that you need to make for yourself when you wake up each morning. God has given us many gifts. It is up to each of us to make the most of them and find our own unique identity in so doing.

Breanna’s mom


Thank you . . . ♥

The Family and Friends of Breanna LeVine would like to thank everyone for their loving generosity towards Breanna LeVine’s Memorial.

Thanks again for everything, but most especially your friendship in this time of mourning.

In Memory of Breanna LeVine
December 28th 1983 – April 1st 2010

The family and friends request your presence

in memory of

Breanna LeVine

While we are mourning the loss of our friend

others are rejoicing to meet her beneath the veil.

Please come join us as we honor the life

of her precious honey soul.

SUNDAY, April 25th 2010 ~2pm


4499 Piedmont Avenue

Oakland, CA 94611

In lieu of sending flowers to the family, we ask that you donate in Breanna’s honor.

OFFICIAL Fundraiser for BREANNA LeVINE’s Memorial Service.

Please come celebrate Breanna LeVine’s life with us THIS THURSDAY April 8th at TEMPLE SF for a benefit to help raise money for BREANNA LeVINE’s memorial services.


*if you are unable to attend the event and would still like to make a contribution, please make your donations by using the donate button at the top right hand corner.

thank you so much for your endless support.
this community is so amazing. truly blessed.

a constant flux . . .


Music By Nosaj Thing

Directed and Created by Dugan O’Neal

The more time that goes on, the more I am humbled by the profound magic and mystery of this universe, a constant flux, birth, death, contraction and expansion. Moment to moment its happening all the time. Last thursday morning, a dear friend of mine, journeyed back into the great mystery, she left this plane and is on to the next. Reminded that life is such a precious fragile gift, its to be celebrated every moment. So lets celebrate it all, love, heart ache, loss, joy, beauty, laughter, magic, all the things that we get to experience here in the reality they call life. This is a music video I made for LA based producer NosajThing about three years ago. Its a mythical love tale about a mermaid and and a sailor, a love so deep it was worth jumping into the unknown for. Its one of my favorite videos I have ever made, The video stars my friends Benjamin Burke and Lili Rose love, This video is dedicated to Breanna Levine and to walking a path of truth and love. I love you all!

~Dugan O’Neal

To Those That Love Breanna LeVine:

thank you so much for your endless love and support. please know that there is a fundraiser and benefit in the making as we start to plan for her memorial.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to help the family with funeral expenses. know that a tentative date for the memorial and fundraiser will be announced as soon as things unfold.

thank you so much.

To May Sweet Baby Bre

A flame ceases
All solid falls to pieces. As the words fail to cause belief shock and anger bleeds leaving a quilted grief. Why, how, no! I seek for the radiance; please twinkle; blind me with your presence.
While the lure was enough to elicit a flood of despair. Did u not know u were part of me; a beautifully imperfect pair. The pain, the whispered cry in the midnight air. Did u not remember us speaking of radiohead as we sewed back together finding we were not replicas but an authentic pair. My baby sis why did u not notice the bliss of breath, the joy of discovering we could have grown old, as loved ones left, supporting each others souls and believing god chose our death.

~Justin Levine